Tribute to Zoe Hwang from Li-Chan Chen-Maxham , Joy of Singing

Zoe, Rui-Fen Hwang, a gifted singer, a brilliant and devoted musician, and a dear friend of mine for over 45 years, passed away on 1/15 at the age of 58. It was a great shock and loss to so many people!

Rui-Fen and I were in Taichung Children Choir together, later we both did our advanced studies in New York City; in the late 1980s, we both happened to pursue our singing career in Europe. We kept contacts with each other and shared our common experiences of joy and challenges of the career. After Zoe settled in Taiwan, we saw each other whenever I visited Taiwan. To me, she was a younger sister from Taichung children choir, a brilliant singer-musician who shared the role of Annchen with me in “Der Freischütz”, a friend who honestly shared her life stories with me.

As a singer, I love her clear and beautiful voice supported by solid techniques. She had superb sensitivity to music and she crafted the music she sang note by note, phrase by phrase with care and sincerity. When I listen to her sing I hear her honest and beautiful soul. It is very arresting and moving!

Rui-Fen, I will always cherish you. John and I will always remember you singing The Lord’s Prayer at our wedding.

Rest in peace. I look forward to singing with you in Heaven someday where only beauty, goodness, and love exist!

與親愛的黃瑞芬(Zoe)斷斷續續有至少45年的深厚情感。我們的交集沒有因爲她比我小幾歲而淺淡。小時候一起在台中兒童少年合唱團享受快樂童年,80 年代初我們幾乎同時在紐約進修,後來我們也同時間在歐陸發展聲樂事業。我們多次分享甘苦經驗,交換心得。瑞芬回台灣定居後,每次我回台灣都幾乎相見,如同見到家人般的親切。


從歌者的角度,我特別愛惜Zoe。 她的聲音漂亮,乾淨,並有穩健的歌唱技巧。她對音樂有非常靈敏的感性,唱歌時每一顆音,每一樂句,都用心靈去琢磨表達,唱出來的音樂深扣人心。 有美麗誠實心靈的人, 才能唱出如此感動人的美麗音樂!



Zoe sang Lord's prayer at Li-Chang's wedding