Zoe Hwang 黃瑞芬1964. 2. 5 ~ 2022.1.15 (58)

獻給我親愛的大汗姐.姐姐寫給我都是這樣簽名的.我寫給她也是這樣稱呼.但我們從小都是連名帶姓的叫對方.叫她大姊.她會覺得很肉麻.還會打我一下.我很懶.從不寫卡片.今年我終於寫聖誕卡,整整寄了20天後才收到.她很興奮地打電話告訴我卡片很可愛,有小孩子和雪人.她很喜歡.一個星期後,她在睡夢中,因為心肌梗塞離世了.天降噩耗.令人無法接受. 我們的弟弟個月前過世了.姊姊到天上去陪弟弟了.

姊姊的成就我數不完.她像是個文藝復興的藝術家,涉獵多方的知識,不斷的創新,創意.她總是很興奮的告訴我新企畫,充滿精力熱情的生活著.她熱愛生命,家人,朋友,學生, 古典音樂.

我很懶,懂得不多. 姐姐說要多練看譜. 她來看我時會要我視譜彈協奏曲,太強人所難了!我的龜速,拜託,小白兔,你打個盹兒好不好?

有時我耍賴,姊姊會不理我.過一陣子就會再出現. 像一切都沒發生過一樣. 這次,我要等多久?

姐姐就像愛麗絲夢遊記裡的小白兔,一直跑,一 直趕. 時間永遠不夠用.

大汗姐,你是被想念,被深愛的,不用再趕了, 請好好的休息.


This site is dedicated to the memory of my sister Zoe Hwang. Zoe has left us to join our brother Richard in heaven. Dear sister, you are loved and missed. Now you can rest in peace!

Zoe was an accomplished singer, musician, writer, educator and radio/podcast host in Taiwan. Her bright personality and intelligence touched and inspired many.

Her accomplishments and contributions were far greater than I can numerate. She was a Renaissance woman pioneering innovative projects in arts, music, literature and present day media technology, that captivated us with unique insights into music and its relevance to our lives, layperson or professional alike.

Zoe's writings were published in 13 books and in several printed and online magazines .

Her unexpected death in her sleep from congestive heart failure left her friends and families with shock and heartaches.

Zoe's Bio Page

The Juilliard School (under and graduate)

American Opera Center Professional Study diploma

Queen Elizabeth Competition winner

Many awards, books, writing, media to her credit

Best aunty in the world to my son

Devoted wife, daughter, and sister to our families

In Memoriam Zoe Sings Cesar Franck's Songs